ICT Fluency in schools

I heard a schools’ Inspector on the radio saying that we have separated literacy & numeracy in the curriculum & made them the responsibility of all teachers. Many think we should do the same with ICT fluency. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “ICT Fluency in schools

  1. I think it’s part of the ongoing debate about whether the curriculum as a whole reflects how things used to be or attempts to prepare children and young people for the society in which they will live and work – the latter being very difficult to predict given the speed of technological advances. My thought is that ‘ICT’ (which feels a bit of an old fashioned term now) should be integrated into all aspects of the curriculum (as should numeracy and literacy) – this is very difficult to do though while there are teachers who still struggle with things like basic spreadsheets – and in the defence of teachers while many still suffer from limited access to use technology, to access online resources and to be able to easily download and use software.

  2. Masyomo – why on earth do you want teachers to “struggle with basic spreadseets”? I would rather they were using ICT imaginatively – like the Guitar Hero Transition Project at Musselburgh Grammar School http://olliebray.typepad.com/olliebraycom/2008/06/the-musselburgh.html Or Nintendogs in Aberdeenshire primary schools. But go and have a read at the Rose Interim Report (Primary Education in England) http://www.dcsf.gov.uk/primarycurriculumreview/ and see how he suggests a nice balance of ICT IN the curriculum and ICT THROUGH the curriculum. Shows that we are heading in right direction…

  3. I don’t want teachers to struggle with spreadsheets – I would expect ALL teachers to cope with them with ease. Not because spreadsheets themselves are an important application to master, but because they’re able to quickly get to grips with software packages and digital technology in the same way that the children & young people they support will need to be able to do.

    Thanks for the links – been meaning to read that but forgotten – will do later 🙂 Definitely agree with the use of ICT imaginatively throughout the curriculum.

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