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HS2, don’t scare the faster horses

Henry Ford said that if he had listened to what the public wanted he would have made faster horses. This is exactly the thinking that has gone into the Government’s decision to invest £32bn in the folly that is HS2, … Continue reading

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Grand Central Trains – deserving of support

Last week I took advantage of what I consider to be an amazing offer. Grand Central Trains is offering return tickets from West Yorkshire to London for £25 during the month of February. I am not sure what price the … Continue reading

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Social Media Train Phase 2

Last year, I had a bizarre idea which came to fruition. Now, I’ve got another one, which may, or may not, go in the same direction. In February 2010, I ran the Social Media Train event (see here and here). … Continue reading

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Mobile Working in Extreme Conditions (i.e. on a train in the UK)

This is another one of my posts on working on a train. I’ve written about this before here, but the latest edition of the BBC Click programme put the issue at the front of my mind again. The programme opens … Continue reading

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Empty Spaces in Railway Stations

As I travel the country I see increasing evidence of empty spaces in stations which are not being filled. I believe these could be put to community use, and help to turn stations into more thriving entities as well as … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Managing Director of Cross Country Trains

Dear Mr. Cooper Internet Connectivity and Mobile Phone Signals on Voyager Trains I am writing to you to ask if you can please do something about Internet connectivity and mobile phone signals on your Voyager Trains. I write following two … Continue reading

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