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Isn’t is lovely when you get positive feedback? This is a bit more positive than I might have hoped for…. and then there was wheely.

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Using Social Media to tell the other side of the story

Reading this post this morning, on the important role that social media has played in social uprisings in Ukraine and Venezuela , made me think once again about the important opportunities which are missed by so many in the UK to … Continue reading

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21st Century Meetings

I am hearing reports that papers for meetings of Clinical Commissioning Groups, which are key bodies within the new structure of the NHS, are routinely running to more than 500 pages. How on earth can anyone be expected to absorb … Continue reading

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365 Goodwill

Happy New Year. So, the festive season is coming to an end, and things are returning to normal, although I suspect many people will not yet be back to work. I have a great ambivalence about what I call “forced … Continue reading

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Another Sociable Organisation

I spent a very enjoyable day today delivering some social media training to the Muir Group Housing Association at their head office in Chester. Muir Group is an organisation that has aspirations to be a sociable organisation, and today was a … Continue reading

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HUGO Launch – all events should be like this

I believe in practicing what you preach. And yesterday was a prime example of that. I did one of my presentations about Digital Storytelling and its role in digital inclusion at the launch of the HUGO project in Leeds. As … Continue reading

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Doing Events Differently

On Wednesday this week I was live streaming and social reporting at the Move More Sheffield Consultation Event. Move More Sheffield is a citywide partnership aimed at getting the population to become more physically active. I interviewed one of the … Continue reading

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Why should you live stream your event?

I firmly believe these days that the tools we have at our disposal mean there is no excuse for only talking to the people in the room when you hold an event. Conferences, seminars, workshops, are normally held to bring … Continue reading

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Making Futurism Visible

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be live-streaming one of the Bromford Group‘s Future Fifty events in which the housing group is celebrating its fiftieth birthday by organising a series of events which look to the future. … Continue reading

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The Sociable Company

I’ve recently started a very interesting project with some lovely people at Express Telephony. I’m working with them to develop a social media strategy for the business. Express Telephony is run by husband and wife team Martin and Karen Adams, … Continue reading

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