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Telecare & Telehealth: Drivers for Digital Inclusion

Earlier this week, I spend two days at Leeds University Business School, videoing the AKTIVE project conference “Technology, Care and Ageing: Enhancing Independence”. Although my role was to observe proceedings through the screen on the back of the camera, I … Continue reading

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The Digital Inclusion Laundry

Today we had a lovely get together of people with a stake in Digital Inclusion in Leeds. The event was held at Leeds Federated Housing Association and included an update on the HUGO project, one of whose buses is now on … Continue reading

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Another Sociable Organisation

I spent a very enjoyable day today delivering some social media training to the Muir Group Housing Association at their head office in Chester. Muir Group is an organisation that has aspirations to be a sociable organisation, and today was a … Continue reading

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Social Media and Social Change – reaching the people at the top

How many more reports do we need telling us that publicly funded services, charity sector & #socent need to make more use of #socialmedia! — Shirley Ayres (@shirleyayres) December 2, 2013 This is a response to a plaintive tweet from … Continue reading

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HUGO Launch – all events should be like this

I believe in practicing what you preach. And yesterday was a prime example of that. I did one of my presentations about Digital Storytelling and its role in digital inclusion at the launch of the HUGO project in Leeds. As … Continue reading

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Using technology to disrupt centralised decision-making

I am starting to write this hoping it will not turn into a rant. I’ve said this before, many times, and I suspect I will say it again, many more times. Britain is one of the most centralised countries in … Continue reading

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Why should you live stream your event?

I firmly believe these days that the tools we have at our disposal mean there is no excuse for only talking to the people in the room when you hold an event. Conferences, seminars, workshops, are normally held to bring … Continue reading

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Who does the internet think you are?

I am currently doing some work on the Newport Super Connected Cities Programme with my colleague James Saunby of Grey Sky Consulting. Last night we attended the official supper for the Newport Food Festival. During the supper I got talking … Continue reading

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Digital life is real life

I get increasingly irritated by people who talk about the difference between digital lives and real lives. Tony Wang, the MD of Twitter UK even did it when responding to the furore about trolls and rape threats on Twitter. I … Continue reading

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Some of my passions

Some of the things I am passionate about: Social Media for Social Good ( Digital Inclusion ( Better Broadband for all ( Cricket ( Rush ( Magnum ( Notts County Football Club ( If you connect with me on social … Continue reading

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