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Using technology to disrupt centralised decision-making

I am starting to write this hoping it will not turn into a rant. I’ve said this before, many times, and I suspect I will say it again, many more times. Britain is one of the most centralised countries in … Continue reading

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Some of my passions

Some of the things I am passionate about: Social Media for Social Good ( Digital Inclusion ( Better Broadband for all ( Cricket ( Rush ( Magnum ( Notts County Football Club ( If you connect with me on social … Continue reading

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Disruption from the bottom up

We hear a lot about the internet causing “disruption”, i.e. radically shaking up and undermining established ways of doing things. I’ve been thinking about some real disruption being led from sources which might seem unlikely. Now, I’m a great believer … Continue reading

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Conference Venues and Connectivity

I’ve been prompted to write this post by my experience live streaming Commscamp yesterday in Birmingham. It was an illustration of my frustrations with the inability of many conference venues to offer decent connectivity. I know it is a frustration … Continue reading

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Let’s use technology to unlock ingenuity

My friend Abi Manifold reminded me, through a post on Twitter, of Sugata Mitra’s inspirational TED talk about how he had embedded computers in walls in Delhi which children had used to educate themselves. I think there are so many … Continue reading

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What happens when the post office loses its internet connection?

I think this is a poignant story. Bellingham Post Office in Northumberland had its broadband connection cut off for 10 days over the Christmas period; you can read about it here. As Wendy Telfer, the post mistress, recounted to BBC … Continue reading

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Interesting use of Linkedin

Here’s a quick social media case study. Over the last couple of days, I’ve been in Lincolnshire, delivering Broadband for Business Workshops as part of the work I am doing with CDI Alliance for Lincolnshire County Council via their OnLincolnshire … Continue reading

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A Story of New Technology, Immediacy and the Olympics

This is a story of modern technology. Last Wednesday, I spent a very enjoyable day travelling round parts of Lincolnshire on a mobile library, encouraging people to get involved in the campaign for better broadband in their area, and showing … Continue reading

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Just because there’s a fast connection near you, doesn’t mean you can use it

My attention was grabbed this morning by this headline: City missing out on broadband on this story about Glasgow having the lowest take up of broadband in the country. I meet a lot of people, particularly out in the countryside, … Continue reading

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Do people who don’t want the web need the internet?

Some quick thoughts on today’s DOTs (Digital Outreach Trainers) Celebration Event in Sheffield, which I was at (see #dotevent on Twitter). I was there live streaming the event, but it raised some thoughts with me. There was some talk about … Continue reading

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