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Social Media is not anti-social

Today’s phone-in on BBC Radio 4′s “You and Yours” programme was entitled “Is social media making us more anti-social”. You can listen to it here. It was all a bit predictable really, a succession of luddites rang in to complain … Continue reading

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What happens when the post office loses its internet connection?

I think this is a poignant story. Bellingham Post Office in Northumberland had its broadband connection cut off for 10 days over the Christmas period; you can read about it here. As Wendy Telfer, the post mistress, recounted to BBC … Continue reading

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Keeping tech simple

I love this idea for Live-streaming the City from CityCamp Coventry, brought to my attention on Twitter this morning by Sasha Taylor and others. I’m an advocate of keeping technology simple, and as cheap as possible. If you want to … Continue reading

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National Smartphone Recycling Scheme

More evidence from Leeds Social Media Surgery last night of the need for a National Smartphone Recycling Scheme. My “patient” was someone who had been charged by her employer with communicating with young people, but was struggling to do so … Continue reading

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The future is mobile, and that means digital inclusion too

You know that image of the 7 ages of man, which starts with a chimpanzee, gradually moving into a human standing erect, and then moves on to someone at a desk, hunched over a computer? I won’t reproduce it here, … Continue reading

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Forget the new and shiny, how do we carry on our interests and passions in later life?

This morning I caught a little bit of an interview with Vladimir Ashkenazy on BBC Radio 4.  Something he said struck a chord (maybe even literally) with me. He said that people in their sixties and seventies can still enjoy playing … Continue reading

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It’s about people, not technology

This is another post spanning the two projects, Our Digital Planet and the Exploration of the Role of Digital Technologies for People in Later Life. The latter project is due to report very shortly. As it has progressed it has become … Continue reading

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